Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Here are a few SEO Tips and Tricks for 2014 that will help you go.

    1  : I observed one interesting thing in this 2014 that – even if it a smaller or larger site – We Can Rank (this is for small websites owners :) ) ! Previously this is not the situation and small websites owners never tried big fearing bigger sites about their authority in Google. And I have seen seen so many positive results which I cannot share and this will be a good factor.

    2  : Please don’t go after backlinks : Better concentrate creating more quality content and dont waste too much in getting backlinks (either money or time).

    3  : STOP DOING guest posts to obtain links. Google already made several announcements about this.

    4  : TRY to engage the viewers (with commenting and feedback) and also make sure that you make PERFECT navigation in the site to make sure that users/visitors can navigate through the content without any complexity.

    5  : Google Panda 4.0 Hit Sites Blocking CSS and JavaScript – this is a news from where they told that some people reported them – So try avoiding this in case if you are penalized in this recent Google Panda Update. Here is one live example how a person named Joost (developer) recovered his site from this similar issue. Check this link.

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